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Topic : How to become a very hygienic persion

(short essay i think)

XX As you all know, there is a pandemic called Covid - 19 AKA The Corona Virus or The Wuhan Virus which is a very dangerous disease that originally transmitted from a Pangolin or armedillo liked creatures (Source to a Bat and then it was transmitted to us humans. Let's all not talk about that, the reason the amount of cases about this pandemic increases is because most of us , humans of the earth aren't able to be a hygienic person when going out to public or crowded places.

But do not worry about that, I have the perfect solution for you. First and foremost, we should ensure our hands and face are always at a protected/cleaned state. This is to reduce the probability of us getting infected with the virus. We should first start off by washing our hands with The way you can also do that is by carrying a hand sanitizer and wearing a mask when going out, so you be able to clean your hands with the hand sanitizer and prevent harmful bacteria to be inhaled into our respiratory system. This method should also be used when you are going into a place that has high concentration of haze, in order to prevent diseases from happening such as Asthma, lung diseases and many other heart diseases.

Moreover, another way to be a hygienic person is by having hygienic lifestyle which is living in a clean environment. This is because there will be a lot of pathogens that will be lying on the floor or floating in air of your house. Personally, I think we should at least have some communal work done in the house to ensure the cleanliness is top notch.




Keeping our bedrooms and house clean is also important to ensure that hygiene and sanitation level is at the most highest.

Proud of you dear boy !!

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