Giving Back to The Community Charity Drive, San Damiano All Boys Hostel

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Hello there to all my fellow Steemians,

I've been actively involved with my Steemit community for more than 3 months and during our last casual meetup last month, our community has decided that it is time for us to organize a charity drive as part of our community's initiative to give something back to the people. I was chosen to look into this programme but unfortunately, due to my work commitments, I was unable to execute the task as properly or as best that I can.

I am really grateful to have my trusted fellow Steemian friends who helped me to carve out a plan and do the recce at San Damiano. Many thanks to @veenang, @chanelcalestus, @haroldmark86, @viverridae, @matthewdoughty and our very own Steem Ambassador @danieldoughty. Special thanks to @birtocker2020 for his words of encouragement and guidance for this programme too.

Picture Courtesy of @veenang

When we first started, we line up a few locations and the type of charity work that we should perform, we trimmed it down and at last chose San Damiano as our very first destination. For more insights about San Damiano, kindly refer to @veenang Introductory post at this LINK

Our Goal

We set a goal of RM3000.00 (USD775.00), nonetheless looking at Steem/SBD rates now, it seems quite an uphill task. We would like to encourage everyone who is reading this to support this charity drive. When we had the meeting with warden Vincent, he informed us of some of the items that are needed urgently such as:

Rice (Beras)
Dark / Light Soya Sauce, Salt/Sugar, Tomato / Chilli Sauce
Milo / Nestum / Coffee Powder
Sweet Condensed Milk
Kaya Spread / Peanut Butter
Cooking Oil
Assorted Biscuits
Eggs / Flour
Dish Washing/Clothes Detergent
Apart from purchasing these essential goods, we will also be organizing a special treat for the boys - a simple luncheon and some gifts for the lucky winner of activities and games.

We have pledged, that whatever we were able to make from our post about this Charity Drive for San Damiano, will be 100% contributed to support this initiative. If you are interested to support, please kindly do the following instructions.

  1. Upvote and resteem this post
  2. You may also transfer SBD or Steem to @myach with the memo: Charity Drive San Damiano
  3. Cash Money contribution is also accepted, please contact me @beverlyjoe, @veenang or @danieldoughty to arrange the methods of remittance .

Note: the @myach account is safeguarded by Proxy Witness @bitrocker2020 who pledged to use this platform to serve the community and doing projects such as this.

We really appreciate your kindness, support and contributions. Thank you in advance.

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It's always nice to give back to the people. Good work!


That was a great project @beverlyjoe, life is all about giving and sharing each other. As human being we cannot live alone in this world. Hopes I can take part in this charity program soon. Moreover, thanks @kenny-crane you always give a support for a good post and helping the new comer🙏🏻


Thank you for your upvote and support, we really appreciate it.

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How far has you guys received the fund raising? Is there a specific deadline?

upvoted and resteemed


Thank you for your support @littlenewthings. We will only be able to update our collections by next Monday or Tuesday. We will then try to get monetary or goods donations after that from others. Our actual visit will be on the 28th, hopefully we can get all the things ready 2 or 3 days before we leave.


I have donated what I have earned today in SBD to @myach for the home. I hope you guys will be able to accumulate enough soon.
I am also running a charity fund raising drive for my friend's highschool buddie. Do come over and support too (and some fun things to do)
Care Challenge: Let's Make a Positive Movement with An Event!


Thank you very much for your support @littlenewthings you are very kind. You are a person blessed with a kind heart. I will give my best to support your fund raising too.


I see ok. So it is quite close by too. Will try to help spread the news.