Jeram Toi Waterfall Long Exposure Photography

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Waterfall photography is one of my favorite subject, the image will look so stunning if taken with long exposure or long shuttle speed, the water will look very silky and smooth. Jeram Toi waterfall is located at the state of Negeri Sembilan in Malaysia and this is one of the best place to practice this kind of long exposure photography skill. In order to get silky effect of waterfall stream movements, we have to set the camera shuttle speed to more than 25 seconds. To avoid the photo over expose, we must have a filter put infront of the camera lens to filter off most of the light and capture the water movements long enough to make it look silky. In my practice, i find Lee Filter is a very reliable and can done a very good job for this purpose. I used to use Lee Filter Big Stopper for this purpose and this is some of the photos produce by this long exposure technique.









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amazing picture @ anthonywong
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thanks you bro, sure to visit your, cheer

Impressive piece of work bro.. followed and upvoted

Thanks you bro

Absolutely a m a z i n g !!! I have absolutely 0 knowledge in photography, how I wish my crappy mobile phone can do some of these magic -_-

Thanks you bro, glad you like this

This picture is beautiful. Congratulations.

Thanks you very much