Thaipusam 2019 Photo Shooting 大宝森节2019拍摄

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Camera(相机)Nikon D800
Len (镜头)Nikor 70-200mm
Setting (拍摄设定)ISO 100 , f2.8, 1/120 sec,
Other(其他)5 Brackets EV
Post Processing(后制)Photomatix + Lightroom

Hope you like this and do follow me for more beautiful place in Malaysia. 希望您会喜欢这贴文,欢迎跟进我将来的贴文以便能够浏灠更多马来西亚漂亮的地方.

There are over 30++ Sunrise , Sunset and nature landscape photo spots location nearby Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. If you wish to take photo at this similar location, please feel free to contact us at below :
( 在马来西亚吉隆坡附近有超过30多个日出,日落或其他漂亮的风景线拍摄地点,如果你有兴趣到同样的地点拍摄,请用以下的链接联系我们)
[ Kuala Lumpur Photo Trip ](

For before and after post processing images, please visit the link below, 照片修图前后对照请浏灠以下链接:

[ HDR Effect Photo HDR 效果拍摄 ]
( )




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