Please give me Attention

Hello everyone!

I'm Alimatun Rosli(pronounce as Halimatun Rosli) a.k.a Kak Tun , I always been a cheerful, fun and bright mother.

My friend @kedeeismalasari introduce me to steemit, after she received @Maverick email.... the idea of getting paid for what ever we post and upvote , excited me :))

Because I'm thinking of creating a Blog as a platform to share about :

  1. My journey in bio energy until I become a New Me
  2. Energy vibes
  3. Power of networking
  4. Awareness about Dementia & Alzheimer
  5. My experience as a caretaker for my mom who's suffering Dementia & Alzheimer since 2012
  6. My weight lost journey... I have lost 10kg recently with a proper meal plan and still ongoing loosing some more

I've freed my self from my employer a petrochemicals company, since 2011 to be a full time caretaker and parents for my only daughter.

I'm from Lenggeng, a small town in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan and of course in Malaysia a multi racial country.

It takes 20 minute from Broga Hill's to reach this place and it's famous with Nasi Lemak Ikan Sembilang

People who loves green scenery and natures (like me) will love this places, and not to forget this town is surrounded with hills. It's common you can see many group of cyclist riding along the hill's road especially during week end and most of them is outsider

I think this is sufficient for myself introductory

Till we meet again in another post



Welcome to steemit society

thankyou and nice meeting you :)

Hey girl! I commend you for all the work your doing especially taking care of your parents full-time that’s amazing our parents do so much for us it’s so important to give back especially to them when they need us! Congrats on the weightloss! That’s one thing that I’d like to do a steemit as well blog about my diet and workout routines hopefully to inspire others but honestly to hold me accountable to my friends and followers! You have a friend with me, check out my blog if you get a chance I will be upvoting and following! Cheers!

Thankyou @jaclynmarie yes it's true. Every time I face a challenge when I deal with my mother, I'll sayto my self.... "you also won't remember what she faced to raise you up especially when you are still in her womb"
Nice meeting you :)

Great sharing. I left my full time job end 2012 as my maid decided to not continue her contract n I decided its time to be a stay at home entrepreneur to my 5 young boys.. all the best....

Thank you @kartina ... what a small world.... actually I follow you FB and we meet here

All the best to you too :)

Welcome to Steemit @alimatunrosli . Glad to have you on board. I have been to Broga and Lenggeng many many years ago. Yes I agree they are nice places to visit :)

Tq @coloringship ...... Wow! it's amazing I met someone who has been to Lenggeng in Steemit. Previously when I mention about Lenggeng to someone I met, it seems like I'm talking about undiscovered planet in our galaxy :)

welcome @alimatunrosli to the steemit community :) hope you enjoyed the ladies bootcamp :)

Thankyou @deborism ..... Yes I really enjoyed and love the ladies Bootcamp and not forget the community too :)

Welcomeeee & Congratulations!!

Thank you for introducing me to steemit :)

Thankyou @angiechin28... nice meeting you :)

Gotta love that title :)

Thankyou @maverickfoo..... I learn from you :)

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