Dust and Shadows Post 2.2: Survival with @steemmonster packs and SBD prizes

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Week one is in the books. And I am loving this new format. Having one big post for this once a week let's me add players last second each week and gives me amble amounts of time to do math and calculations for it.
And it's a good landmark to try and finish it before PYPT.
However, the fee to play the rest of the season and get unlimited revives for the rest of the season is now 2 SBD if you are not already in the game. It will gradually increase each week to balance those joining the party. Like I've stated before. Whoever doesn't die each week, they get a chance to win half of the liquid SBDs. And I'll sprinkle in some cool rewards for example.

See how you did below. At the bottom of results is who won this week's prize.

pistol whip.gif

Week One Results


You stagger out of the bar and walk into the desert. The heat beats on your throbbing head like a drum. As you walk into the desert you feel a presence by your feet. Another damn rattler, it is baking in the sun.
Roll 7.
It eyes you coyly and coils up. Its rattle hurting your brain, squeezing your hangover like a vice.
Roll 18.
The serpent strikes, and misses you completely. An eagle appears out of the air snatching him up. Amazing timing you mumble. You walk the rest of the way as you gaze into the canyon you can see a body slumped on a tipped over wagon. As you get closer you can see he is badly wounded and passed out.

Do you;

You look around, he was left to die.

  1. Do you try and revive him in your inebriated state
  2. Loot his wagon


You try to hop on the horse.
Roll 19.
The jolt of a rider sends the horse forward snatching the post it was tethered to from the ground. It swings in the air and knocks out a small child. Everyone is so distracted over little Tommy eating the dirt no one pursues you.
You trample over a rattlesnake and charge into the canyon. It is empty except for a man passed out against a wagon. Blood covers his shirt, he needs help. But he may have goodies.

Do you;

  1. Loot him
    2)Revive him

You walk into the desert. Looking for the trail left by horses and wagon wheels. You are weak from the heat.
Roll 1.
You crawl over to the shade and are stung by a cluster of scorpions. As you lie there feeling their stingers prick you like a pincushion. You grumble to yourself you hope this hang over wont follow you into your next life.

You awaken hours later. A massive totem pole looks down on you, the eagle's wooden eyes stare as you stumble to your feet. Your memory is foggy at best, death scrambles your brains, common fact.

Do you

  1. Walk back to the canyon
    2)Walk to the nearest town to try and procure a horse.

Roll 15. You jump onto the horse and charge out of town, a posse in pursuit. Bullets fly as you duck in between buildings going down alleyways with your steed. The rush in your blood and wind in your face sobers you as you give out a whoop. An errant left turn gets you out of the twon and left ny yourself in the desert. You stroke the horse's mane and walk to the canyon.
You arrive from the South, and find burn marks on the stone. A wagon lies ahead of you, you see the boots of a man.

1)Check on him
2)Look around the area


You reach for the reigns. And unhook it from its post. Eyes looking around for the owner.
Roll 15.
Your iron grip let's you pull onto the horse and you slowly lead it out of town. The canyon comes up ahead. And you find the sights and smell of what you think is cannon fire.

You find the wreckage of a wagon. A wounded man lies against it and you study him from a far.

Do you?

  1. Loot him
    2)Save him


You walk into the desert.
Roll 11.
The sound of a snake gathers your attention. You see a rattler eyeing you. His tounge flickers.

Roll 9.
The snake strikes and tags you in the leg.

Roll 11.

The bite is venomed. You fall to the ground as the snake slithers away. The clouds swirl as your hangover fades. Your compromised condition makes you susceptible to the venom.
As you fade to the other side.
You grumble. Why does it have to be snakes.

You awaken hours later beneath a totem pole. The eagle watches you.
You gather yourself to your feet.
You hear a cry. And look down the rockface, an eagle is pinned by a small boulder and is crying in pain.

  1. Try to rescue him
  2. Cook some eagle


Your feet meet the sand as you walk into the desert.

Roll 7.

You hear the rattle of a snake.
Roll 15.

You look and find it is just the sound of a tin can caught between two rocks with a few smaller ones trapped inside.

You walk to the canyon on high alert. As you scan your surroundings you see a pair of legs.
The man is incapicated and wounded.
Do you?
1)Loot him
2)Save him

You dunk your face in the horse stall and the water gives you a great sobering effect. You stroll out into the desert refreshed and alert. You find a game trail that'll make your trek easier.

As you walk you hear a rattle in the distance.
Roll 1.
As you investigate you find that it was one of many rattlesnakes. Congratulations you found a rattler nest.
You swear as they strike.
Hoping in the next life you don't do that again.

You awaken beneath the Eagle totem pole. The cry of a bird calls to you.

An eagle is pinned by a rock. You have two choices.

  1. Help him
  2. Eat him

Both @ethandsmith and @calumam (seeking a replacement from his group buddyup!) decided to crawl back into the bottle than go seek adventure.

Note some weeks in activity can kill you and it automatically DQs you from that weeks reward.

NOW of the five players who survived. Only one can win this week's prize.
and that person is...


I used a RNG amd it came up with 3, being she was the third from the top down she won!

Not only did she win half of last week's post reward, she also wins a free pack of @steemmonster cards. Which are being sent right now.

Hope she gets a pirate captain.

The man with the plan lacking a spray on tan, bigger nuclear arms than Iran. GIF Master, pastor of disaster, rhyme caster, bad dude blaster. No one does good lore faster. @battleaxe favorite just ask her.




Steemmonster trainer in training.

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Realizing that I am still foggy from being warmed over by death, I continue to the canyon, hoping that the travel by foot will help me reclaim some of my scattered brain cells. I choose option:

  1. Walk back to the canyon

Hmmmm difficult choice..... I save him coz I'm just that kinda gal!!!!

I suppose I better get my head in the game now.

Going back to last week, I think I would try to walk toward the canyon. I don't know whose horse that is, and I don't need any enemies.

You'll have to let me know what happens now so I can choose my path for this week. Thanks for letting me stay in the game!


No problem! But no thank you, I enjoy having friends play.

I NEED A PIRATE CARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lolololol

I'm so excited!!!!!! thank you @swolesome!!! :)


LOL open it and show me.


where is it???? i don't see where my pack is hahahahah


go to steemmonsters.com and sign in with your steemit account.


Log into Steemmonsters.com

You find the wreckage of a wagon. A wounded man lies against it and you study him from a far.

Do you?

Loot him
2)Save him

2)Save him.

Glances around the area suspiciously.... Hope nothing's hiding behind a rock or something....

Where was I reading recently that in some places rattlesnakes no longer rattle.... Scary....


Never heard of that before. Interesting little detail to know.. hmm.

I look around the area!!!!! :)

i'm no fool!!! hehehe

After living through the snake I am grateful, and thus attempt to revive the poor fellow.

I help the eagle! I hate injuns! Bring it on rattlesnakes! I’m immune! Lol


Nice little perk is coming, we shall see if you get it.


keep mye updated on the next phase here ;)

revive him! (am i too late?)


To respond? No. I am aiming at 6-7 days to respond.

A late entry.. But.. Do I..
Try to rescue him or.. Cook some eagle

I definitely try to rescue the eagle! :D