People gonna People (An Ode)

in teamgood •  3 months ago

Not everyone will like you and some will copy too
be like that magic rubber ball and bounce it back like glue...
Some may think you're cute and some will think you're fail
Who gives a damn, that's not my jam nor my swig of Ale...
All this preening and acting nice but some just hide their crazy
Chances are that you go far by being kinda hazy...
Preaching for positions, All for a house of cards
Just shut up sweet buttercups as you fight for crumbs and shards...

@battleaxe (copywritten by Bob,Giphy)
giphy (19).gif

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so true to yourself you are @battleaxe... you have always been a people going to people person ... and you're good with that until they jerk you around

I googled "people gonna people" and "people gonna talk" came up.

That is true. :)

That's two posts this week quoting "people gonna people" - I love that this thought is catching on ;)

Can not satisfy all people
There are people who love us and there are people who do not like us
Really a very special article


thanks, the drama and dysFUNction on here reflects some of the baser aspects of humanity as well as the few personal bastions of true light and good that peek through the dreck