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Institutions of influence and governance are at a critical crossroad

  • Amazing Deceit and Sharks in the Markets, easy money for those willing to play along with institutional fraud and criminals…

  • The DEBT doubled from 2007 to 2014 - 39 Nations have more than 100% debt!

  • The U.S. budget & debt ceiling is going to be a very difficult debate between a U.S. Congress that publicly battles the Trump Administration - And the money cartel wants to manage the markets' correction downward...

  • Don't forget central banks fund wars, and the war mongers are still campaigning for war!

  • The IMF wish to usher in the digital economy (cashless society) with asset digitization and their SDR on the blockchain - but you, dear citizens aren't suppose to know that...

Seek Truth

#TeamEndTheFed We Who Believe in Freedom

Truth and Freedom Advocates, You Are Not Alone

My wish is for our discussions to reach all People on Earth. @ronmamita

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Yes, there are some ways to resist and prepare:

Peaceful noncompliance to Starve The Beast.

  • Take your cash out of the banks.
  • Buy tangible assets (Silver, land, farms, collaborative services and projects…)
  • Support and Use complementary community currencies
  • Support and Use P2P exchanges and peer services & tech
  • Implement alternatives to bank loans, such as: