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Are You Part Of The Solution?

We are the change we've been searching for

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#TeamEndTheFed is a leaderless, spontaneous, self-organizing phenomena:

  • Amplify Awareness of the Truth.
  • Collaborative free source efforts.
  • Promote and nurture Joyful living.
  • Inspire innovation, and alternatives
  • Inspire original content
  • Inspire public discussions
  • Share your creative efforts and works.
  • Attract other individuals who resonate with freedom and ending the debt based fractional reserve banking system that enslaves the People on earth.

Amplify & Join our worldwide efforts.

Please comment below and I will include or remove your profile page from my watch-list if you wish.
If you want your post to be listed for resteem and upvotes then create quality posts with the first tag teamendthefed .

Additionally, the content should connect to the vision of abolished fractional reserve banking (central banking worldwide monetary system as it exist today).
Humor, Memes, Research, Discussions, Art, Food & Cocktail Recipes, Coins & Tokens, Poetry, Photographs, Videos, and other content are invited.

Image from @grow-pro : What Is Freedom Worth To You? Something To Think About

You are creative, let's see your best!
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You are always welcome to chat here

@ronmamita where the truth is shared and amplified.

A stark contrast of choice exist:
Mass Deception vs Mass Awareness
Fake-news in Mass media vs Aware & Truth media with source links
Indoctrination & manipulated public opinion vs truth seeking independent research and evidence based fact checking.

There's Intrinsic Value in Truth and Free Source knowledge base and technologies.

Recent Posts:

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Ha-ha, perhaps someone will help with creating a #TeamEndTheFed crypto coin for us?
I can imagine the image below for the back of the coin:

Monopoly Money Game Over!