KIVA Loans Update July 2018

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My long time followers will know of KIVA from the ongoing series of posts that I’ve made over the past years, and how posting on Steemit has supported and encouraged me to support $225 of KIVA loans.

My first Steemit post about KIVA from December 2016 , Have you heard of KIVA? has been followed by many more updates which have motivated me to fund a number KIVA loans and have now supported 9 loans.

I have also created the KIVA lending group, come and join other great Steemians and when you make a KIVA loan you can dedicate it to Team STEEM

Loan Repayment Update

I received a number of repayments from the outstanding KIVA loans since my last update in March with $37.98 credited back to the account ready to relend. Unfortunately I’ve not been focused on Steemit or this project for a couple of months due to family and work commitments and some health challenges.

I hope to select a new loan in the next few days and will post an update when I do.

The snapshot of the current loans is below.

Kiva gives you the opportunity to make small loans to people around the world who are working to start a business and improve their lives.

I’m a Kiva lender and I invite you to join me!

Join KIVA by clicking here and it’d be great if you add your loan to Team STEEM

Make a loan and change a life today!

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Looks like overall your loans are doing very well. Good for you for helping people get the capital they need to start their small businesses. I hope you get you money back and are able to help more people.


I think I might have a small loss on one as they have not made the complete final payment but I guess it’s better to think of the ones who you’ve helped and they’ve replayed their loan rather than the ones who have defaulted for whatever reason. Do you have any current Kiva loans?


I have a few that are outstanding. I haven't had the best experience with getting repaid, but it's a risk that you take. One of the guys had a bad harvest and everything got wiped out. I lost a few dollars, but he lost his income and food, so I don't really have much room to complain.

I still think it's a cool program. I would like to see more focus on sustainable projects. I see a lot where someone wants to remodel their house or something, which is not bad, but I have more a focus on helping them get chickens to sell the eggs, or seeds to plant a crop, or solar power so they don't have to buy as much fuel for cooking fires. Everyone has different things that they focus on though.

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold