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While many people in Australia (and around the world) like to believe that politics is the means of effective change in the structure of our county and how it operates, i like to think that it is all just a shit show. It is effectively the WWE in business suits where the battles are made of words, under the table deals, unofficial sponsorship by large corporations, etc.

In the image above you will see the once prime minister of Australia weighing in on the benefits handed out to those who are unemployed of Australia. the response is a perfect reflection of the current climate of the situation, its do as i say not as i do.

Yet, when we observe the 'working peoples' opinion of welfare system and those who rely one it, many have an adverse reaction stating "They are living off my hard work (via taxes)", "They are dole bludgers", "They are leeches sucking the life out of this nation".

Yeah pretty harsh... but the logic defies reason... our taxes are being taken regardless of what we say. If we are being honest one politician takes WAY more of 'our' tax money than even a large group of individuals on welfare... However this anger is channels at the poor, the disabled, those in need of assistance and not the narcissist sociopaths who lie, cheat and steal their way through life hiding behind the facade of politics.

Promises, Promises

Misdirection is the key of politics, having us fight among ourselves over who deserves what, who is right and wrong, etc. all the while those who are 'in office' get to do as they please at our expense... Again we are made to "fight over the bread crumbs while they make away with the loaf". Factions are created, with champions on either side, we are assigned a role on a side based on our opinion and made to defend it... but the truth is that no matter what we choose the outcome is the same.... we merely have the illusion of choice.


The outcome will always be the same when we utilize this system, when we play by their rules. We will always be in conflict with one another while they take us for all we are worth. The only way to break free from this cycle is to recognize how we are being manipulated and refuse to participate in the bloodsport they profit from, direct our anger where it is deserving... at the system and people perpetuating this situation.... ultimately its up to us...

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I can't wait to colour in my ballot paper in with crayon on May 18.

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I drew a nice looking donkey on mine last time.


donkey or mickey... all the same :P just like when you 'actually' vote....


Great article... an eye opener!.

Cool post!

When you frame it in the context off the big selloff and the way all our manufacturing has been moved OS at the hands of both parties it really is the ultimate hypocrisy when they pick on people for not having work.


politics is da best :P

Hubby spent a few months on newstart after the Holden plant and its suppliers shut down. There weren't even enough jobs available for him to apply for one a day. Maybe he shoulds have run for prime minister...

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must be this corrupt to run... most of us wouldnt make the cut ;)