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So today I reached 400 followers, while it isn't much in comparison to a lot of other Steemit users, I think it is important considering the short amount of time I have been here. So this post isn't so much about hitting 400, it's more about that I have decided I need to consider and think about what exactly I want to focus on writing about here on Steemit, as I have seen the platforms potential. While my airbrushing and artwork will always take priority when producing content for you all (mainly in the form of images and videos), I do have many other interests and not a lot of skill in writing worthy of a quality blog.

So my current challenge on Steemit now is to not produce even more content, but to focus on improving my writing skills, because I honestly have not worked on them from a creative point of view since high school and a technical point of view since University. I have seen potential in Steemit and I do believe in it's future for content creators, so stay tuned, I hope to bring you some quality posts that you want to read out of interest, not just chasing that curation reward.

I'd like to mention @sirknight and @centerlink over at #teamaustralia (and everyone else), this is a great community and I see the huge potential it has. So check it out and rally behind it to make it bigger!




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Congrats man! i'm about to hit 200 myself.

Didn't know about #teamaustralia either, so that's awesome :D


Go check them out

400 might not be as much in comparison to the large steemit users but regarding the whole population 400 is a pretty good amount haha.
Good Luck on hitting 500.

Congrats on your milestone my friend. Way the go more ;)


Thank you

I think too, content is the most valuable for SteemIt

Congrats JW, I look forward to reading your future posts.

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