Listen to your competition - CEO on keiser report.

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Most of us are aware of the drama we had on steemit with @keiserreport 's last post and then today I watched their latest video on youtube and's CEO shows up on , just a coincidence I Say.

Watch at around 12:00

@keiserreport 's latest post

Relevant comments:

It seems Max was already PRO minds even before this drama unfolded

I think this video Max also mentioned that he is now an advisor for but I couldn't find any press release to objetively verify the same. As in life , there is always more than what meets the eyes , Max is free to join /advise whatever project he wants , I just find it amusing how it all unraveled for their Steemit engagement.

@ned , can you try to make an apperance on @keiserreport anytime soon ?

As things stand today , Steemit is far ahead of ( see below ) but will it remain that way ? that's the billion dollar question. I have already voted by accumulating steem power that my answer is Steemit is the winner but I want to keep my eyes and ears open.

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Sort Order: is rubbish. The coin isn’t worth anything so I don’t know how they think they can compete with Steemit.

Their app is nice. But that’s all it has going for it.

agreed , hopefully SMTs blow them outta water..

Very good discussion welldone

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tks , which part did you like?