AFL Round 1 - Biggest Winner's and Losers

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Occasionally, I'll write posts similar to this one - in that I highlight which teams I consider to be the biggest winner's or losers of the preceeding week, couple of weeks, month, etc.

Round 1 is an obvious starting point, as that is when we learn a lot about some of the sides that and what they might expect from the coming season.

Biggest Winners

Essendon - They fancy their chances this season, and a good come back from behind win will be no doubt pushing Bomber fans further into the world of optimism.

Carlton - Even though they lost, they'll be pretty happy to have stayed with the Premiers for so long, And to have seen a couple of their kids do so well. It pains me that the two sides I've considered to be winners this week are the two sides that I hate.... Especially when the biggest loser this week was probably my own side..

Biggest Losers
Collingwood - really disappointing performance - not just the fact that they lost, but the manner in which they lost. A lot of the same problems from prior years seem to have still not be resolved. Unless something changes significantly in the next couple of weeks, the season could almost already be a write off. with GWS, Carlton, Adelaide, Essendon and then Richmond coming up, things could potentially get very ugly. I'm worried.

Western Bulldogs - terrible loss, and losing Tom Liberatore for the season will hurt them. Not writing off their season or anything, but they will be hurting after that.

Melbourne - They probably exceeded my expectations with a couple of big names missing - but the manner of that last minute loss will hurt, especially after the heartbreak of the way last season ended.

Adelaide - Losing in that way after being ahead quite comfortably won't do much to quell the pain of a Grand Final loss, and some gaps are starting to emerge in their line up. We'll see how they go in the Grand Final rematch.



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