Monash Freeway Road Rage, Melbourne, Australia

in #teamaustralia3 years ago

Story checks out.... bunch of bogans in a ute with a sleeve tattoo and an aussie flag proudly on display - was actually a female driving and they had 2 kids in the back. number plate came through clear - 1GG9HM...

I was in the right lane and they were tailgating me, If i was to get out of their way I would have had to have slowed down to get behind the truck - I chose not to do that, because fuck them. I drive with my GPS so I know I wasn't going too slow.

You can see they then tailgated another car for 25 seconds before that car moved over.... and i'm sure continued the same idiotic driving habit after they were no longer in my view.

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Idiots like that are the reason insurance premiums are so high.

Endangering her kids by driving like that is just poor parenting.

Yep. And I had my daughter in the car, so I was seeing red.

Understandably. You did well to remain calm.

that's scary! what do you do...damn!

Man. In my youth, I would try and give back what they were giving to everyone else. Older and wiser, I remove myself from interaction with morons and make sure I am as far away from accidents waiting to happen like that one. I was expecting this to end in a wreck.


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