Is WELL Token Going to Revolutionize Medical Payments Worldwide?

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Hi Steemsters, welcome back, Yesterday I wrote about MEDchain and how it plans to upgrade patient care with Blockchain technology. In today's blog I'm writing on another groundbreaking ICO. Going hand in hand with MEDchain, we have another emerging light to blockchain assisted healthcare, to specialize in cross border payments. One of their main objectives is to make it possible for the highest quality healthcare providers to serve anyone, anywhere.

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WELL intends to use, decentralized marketplace for high-quality healthcare. WELL is globalizing Medicine and eradicating the issue with country borders to directly connect doctors, therapists, psychologists and other healthcare specialists to patients worldwide through the WELL platform. WELL gives additional value to its patients by utilizing different mechanisms. Firstly, they aim to provide access to 24-hour healthcare service 365 days a year.

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WELL will give patients the ability to take control of their Healthcare delivery, whether at the hospital of their choice, at home with inhouse services, or anywhere with online telehealth services. WELL's vision is a first and only point of access for both minor and serious conditions that eliminates country borders and provides the correct data with best
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With their Roadmap providing clear intention of where the wish to head, and with Blockchain behind it, to provide Remote Monitoring, Secured Video Consultations, Provider/Caregiver Conferencing, and Electronic Health or Medical Records Systems (EMR/EHR) Integration built in. WELL could be a big player in GLOBAL Healthcare.

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(All Images Taken from WELL's Whitepaper )


"Firstly, they aim to provide access to 24-hour healthcare service 365 days a year."

This is mind-blowing
This could help alot of people and save a lot of lives.
Nice work

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