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This is the table of contents for a 17 part series on teaching cybersecurity to middle and high school students.

Introduction to the shell

  1. Introduction, The challenge and introduction to the mission.
  2. Part 2, Introduction to the linux shell
  3. Part 3, whoami and Bash.
  4. Part 4, pwd, the ~ directory, and ls
  5. Part 5, ls options (ls -a), and the meaning of . and ..

Commands, files and directories

  1. Part 6, cd, cat, touch and basic navigation.
  2. Part 7, sudo and apt install for new packages. sl for the lulz, and clear.
  3. Part 8, htop plus autocomplete and history shortcuts.
  4. Part 9, mkdir, mv, for folder and file manipulation.
  5. Part 10, disk useage (du), | pipes, wc word count and ps.
  6. Part 11, wamerican dictionary, counting words with pipes and grep.
  7. Part 12, cp, and the dangerous: rm !
  8. Part 13, Quick overview presented by cowsay.


  1. Part 14, IP addresses, ifconfig and ping.
  2. Part 15, Reconaissance with host, whois and traceroute leading to ssh
  3. Part 16, for x in {1..10}; do echo $x; done loops
  4. Part 17, Bash scripts, sshpass and the final hints to complete the mission!
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