The gas tax can exist or not, can be paused or not, can be increased or decreased and all that in my lifetime.

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My inner libertarian refuses to accept the concept of a "good tax", but at minimum the gas tax is one of the least bad forms of taxation. It essentially acts more like a dedicated user fee than most other forms, connecting consumers of specific government service more directly to specific cost than stuff that just comes out of the general fund.

To the extent that gas taxes are directed towards road maintenance and infrastructure, I like them better than penalizing productivity or efficiency broadly through income and corporate taxes and throwing the proceeds all willy nilly at everything everywhere. The feds ain't all that efficient at much, but gas taxes are at least more in the category FICA is in.

At very least, paying our own way down the roads we choose to travel is more moral than charging our children and grandchildren to fix roads today long before they ever get their licenses, via borrowing and printing money the treasury doesn't have. Intergenerational theft is one of the worst forms of funding available. We should aim to leave future generations a better world rather than taking from those who can't speak for themselves.

Point is, we can all hate taxation while recognizing that some forms are worse than others. Ain't no shame in a lil nuance now and then.

Disclaimer-- of course I could be biased because I drive an EV, but I still don't think I'm wrong and I had the same opinion before I ever thought I could afford one.

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