What if Only Those Who WERE Taxed Could Vote on Tax Increases/Decreases?

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(1) Restrict the right to vote on local taxes, in particular on property taxes and regulations, to property and real estate owners. Only property owners must be permitted to vote, and their vote is not equal, but in accordance with the value of the equity owned, and the amount of taxes paid.

(2) All public employees—teachers, judges, policemen—and all welfare recipients, must be excluded from voting on local taxes and local regulation matters. These people are being paid out of taxes and should have no say whatsoever how high these taxes are.

Interesting further reading:

In this 1997 speech by Hans-Hermann Hoppe, now available as an ebook from the Mises Institute under the title What Must Be Done, Hoppe presents a plan of action for anarcho-capitalists against the modern state.


How about NO one should be taxed?

This is how it used to be. Hence the House of Lords in England.
I had a similar thought; those who want welfare could register as 'wards of the state' and lose voting rights in exchange for support from the state.
They could reclaim their independence at any point, with the proviso that their suspension of voting rights would last an additional ten years.

Interesting concept but renters could suggest that rent they pay includes amount for landlord's real estate tax...also...public employees are usually home owners as well...

The landlord could advertise the way he voted to attract tenants who agree with him. This way they still have influence over the result. If they get their housing through him, they should get their influence through him.

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