The liquid paradigm, feedback loops, the virtuous cycle and Tauchain

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Liquid paradigm

What do I mean by the concept of "liquid platform"? This is merely a re-articulation of the concept of self amendment and self definition. In other words it is very much like an autopoietic design. Bruce Lee once said to "be like water", and the reason is because water can adapt to any environment it is placed it by taking the form of the container it is put into.

So by liquid paradigm I mean that the core feature of true next generation platform design is going to be focused on maximum adaptability.

Feedback loops and the virtuous cycle

How can we have a platform which promotes continuous self improvement? If you have a platform with no hard coded "self" then even the design of the platform is under constant negotiation and creation. This is key because it means Tauchain will be able to adapt quicker than all other competing platforms. Quicker than Tezos because Tezos merely provides self amendment but lacks the virtuous cycle, the meta language, etc.

The Tau Meta Language allows for self definition at the level of languages. This means even the communication mechanism between humans and machines can be updated continuously. This continuous updating is the key design breakthrough of Tauchain because it means Tauchain will always be state of the art in any area. Think of a platform like Wikipedia where anyone can update any part of it in real time continuously so that every part of it is always the state of the art.

Starting at languages, the feedback loop can be created between humans and intelligent machines. Humans must make decision on how to design Tau. These design decisions benefit from the virtuous cycle due to the feedback loop between humans and machines allowing the decision making ability itself to be upgraded. This could even allow for the humans to transcend traditional human capabilities by relying on intelligent machines to assist in design which means better future designs, which means better decision making, which means better future designs which leads to better decision making, this represents the "virtuous cycle" by way of a feedback loop between humans to machines to humans to machines to humans etc. The humans improve the quality of the machines by feeding knowledge, feeding new algorithms, feeding just enough for the machines to become intelligent enough to help the humans to help the machines even more efficiently in the next iteration of Tauchain, over and over again.

Humans and machines will seek more good and less bad for the formal specification of Tau itself. Good and bad designs will be defined collaboratively by the human participants by way of intelligent discussion. As discussion scales, bigger crowds means more human minds involved, which means improved design, which leads eventually to a better and perhaps wiser Tau, which of course would lead to wiser even more intelligent discussions, which can lead to an improved formal specification, and to a better Tau. So that is a loop. It is also a loop between improving Tau, improving society, improving Tau, improving society.


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Well done Dana, still following you and reading your insights.

Each time you write about Tau - you build all our understanding and knowledge. Respects!

Here's my little encouragement to grow Steem awareness, hope you enjoy my little rant feedback to @kriptonoob Ushering in a Renaissance of New Era In Humanity

These days I'm putting up intriguing replies to users with smaller reps (Under 60). I realize insightful replies help bring in more people to view the post, instigate response and help the OP raise new follower - my small attempt to support OP and bringing more value to our beloved blockchain.

Keep up the great work, love it!

what is Tauchain....I want to know




Thank you very much I will watch


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@dana-edwards - What an intriguing concept ! When the iterative ability of machines is combined with human intuition, experience and guidance, a flexible and adaptable system will definitely take form. I would love to see details of how the Tauchain gets coded on that aspect. Since I am out of touch with coding for years now, I would not probably understand the code but I can look at the conceptual structures and appreciate them I think.
Thank you for spreading awareness on these evolutions through your blog. Your analogies like 'be water' help to clarify the concepts.

Upvoted full through Steemfollower.



This looks very interesting and deep. Think I might need to re-read it a couple of times. Followed.

You must be shapeless, formless, like water. When you pour water in a cup, it becomes the cup.

I love that quote of bruce lee, and fits well to what you are describing which I hope more people read about because it's very interesting but not something I have seen posted about before. This Tauchain thing is definitely worth some time researching. Thank you for spreading awareness of such a thing, this looks really cool.

Thanks for the message. Happy new year!
Let each day brings joy and fun!

This is my first time coming across your post.indeed ,it really blesses me.i understood the concept of liquid paragigm which entail being more adaptable to different environment through being more flexible in our decision making and in our behaviour at large.secondly,virtures cycling which is all about enhancing ,improving the relationship between human and machine via feedback mechanism.thanks you for this educative post.may God give you more inspiration to affect our life in jesus name.

It's not the strongest or fastest that survive in this space, but rather the most adaptable.

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I think this is along the right lines in that iterative improvements are the mechanism of nature.

Only question I have is: how is this any different than how society functions already?

The major disruption to the process of societal improvement is the hijacking of this process. This hijacking process happens equally frequently and equally disruptively by centralized (public) control as well as by individual (private) control.

The trick is to allow enough room for the machinery to function, to not repress the system so much that the parts can't move, because if the parts are allowed to move, the system will reject dysfunction, inefficiency, and monopoly.

This is how organized systems function already. So how does tauchain improve on this?