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Tygga dog

This is the second tattoo on the owner of the very first tattoo Gogo had ever performed in @chushangfeng.



Artist: Яна Gogo
Tattoo Made: 2017/06/19
Published: 2017/06/19
Location: Shanghai, China
Studio: @chushangfeng
Previous: Rose mandalla

Tags: dog, black-and-gray, dreamcatcher, feather

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very complicated patern


I can do it simpler if client ask me to~ :)

I'm looking for a high quality tattoo artist like this, Check out my tattoo post, I'm in need of getting a cover up and some advice on the possibilitys of what options I have. Thanks guys


Haha here got people have taste! Hi I am the artist here for this tattoo, and please check out my page, to see not only my artworks but my tattoo career attitude.~
And I am very welcoming everybody to tell me tattoo requirements! Including you! And that tattoo have ways to fix don't worry, but you have to tell me what you want!


Amazing, Beautiful tattoos :-)


Thank you. This work was literally just finished ;-)


Together, keep your friends


Hahahaha you got taste! I am the artist here. I like your posts, followed. Hope you like mine too!


Hehehehe .. okay buddy, i also like you :-)

awesomw...such a great piece of art...no pain no gain truly...:)