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Money frog



Artist: Yana Gogo
Tattoo Made: 2016/01/22
Published: 2016/12/18
Location: Shanghai, China
Tags: frog, black-and-gray, money

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Excellent post dear friend , these are the things that I admire of you, daily you surpass your own work, congratulations. Thank you so much for these beautiful work. Have a great day @gogo.tattoo

Thank you, @binhdiem, for such a positive friendly comment ;-)
This work, by the way, is one of Gogo's older tattoos, accomplished somewhere in the beginning of 2016.
Yesterday's post, though, was actually published just a couple hours after the tattoo was finished :

It also features the first watermarked IPFS video proof:

You are not only sharing excellent posts, but also making excellent features, creating excellent better tattoo world. You rock!

That's such a cool piece! love it!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

The eyes look like smart ones! :D