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Miki Shen


Video 1 - - - Video 2 - - - Video 3


Video 1

Video 2

Video 3


Artist: Yana Gogo
Tattoo Made: 2017/07/22
Published: 2017/07/23
Location: Shanghai, China
Studio: @chushangfeng

Tags: animal, lion, black-and-grey

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I like the second one :-)

The first one is not done by me. It is done by a monk in Thailand. I will defiantly write an article about it soon!
Thank you for liking the lion tattoo!♥

Nice lion piece, and good placement too.

This is a wonderful post the lion is awesome - I am born under Leo so love lions! I have the same triangular folded cushions that they are using to sit on in the last photo! How cool - I am following for more now thanks