Nalay and vegi poray

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Street food is my favorite food.Today i met with this person,He is juma khan and very famous for nalay and vegi pora. vegi pora is spicy is look like pokura. but its taste is different from pokura. Juma said to me,that it is his own recipe .
he also sell multi colors nalay it is look like pipe but children like its very much.
vegi pora is vegi recipe and one side of its will be spicy and center will be sweet.
it is fried in oil and juma used best quality oil.










here i wana tell that juma has 3 feet height and also disable case. but i proud of him that he is selling the food to earn income for his home. i liked very much vegi pora and nalay very much. it was cheap and also delicious.





hope you all will like my street food and thanks for visiting my

Restaurant Information

Juma vegi pora and nalay
Mianwali - Kalabagh Road, Mianwali, Punjab, Pakistan

Nalay and vegi poray
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really yummy and looks tasty