Delicious Fried Catfish, Pecel Lele Wijaya 1

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Everyone who loving of dishes made from fish of course familiar with catfish. At our place the catfish is commonly called 'Ikan Lele'.


And catfish is a famous food side dish in Indonesia. Therefore we can find around the highway in the area of Java many catfish food stalls.


Around the road not far from the Siaga Medika Hospital we can visit one of the Pecel Lele Food stalls. I Just transit to this place. This place easy finded if visiting Purbalingga Regency.


This afternoon I bought fried catfish and fried chicken at Warung Nasi Uduk Pecel Lele Wijaya 1. This Food Stall is located on strategic place.


Regarding the place, I think this place is quite spacious and representative for anyone who happens to pass near this place and needs to eat.


And Pecel Lele from this place very crispy and delicious. That is good and loved by my child

Restaurant Information

Nasi Uduk Pecel Lele Wijaya 1
Desa_karangsentul, Karangsentul, Kec. Padamara, Kabupaten Purbalingga, Jawa Tengah 53372, Indonesia

Delicious Fried Catfish, Pecel Lele Wijaya 1
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I think you eat delicious food every evening for dinner. 😎

Terima kasih atas atensinya Pak @putu300 he..he.. sekedar isi waktu bersama keluarga

Wah, pak @putu300 bisa saja..he..he..

Nice i like

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thank you Bro :)

If you are visit purbalingga city, may you want to taste it bro :)

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Thank you for the support

You are the best witness @puncakbukit a recomended witness for me :)


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Thank you, I hope always can sharing a review in tasteem:)

saya juga sangat suka dnegan nasi uduk pecel lele

Wah, @pakmanan ternyata penggemar dan penikmat Lele ya. Senang kenal dengan @pakmanan . terima kasih sdh berkunjung pak :)

Wow the first photo made me wonder what it was!!

Ha..ha..i guess you are curious first time. I'm sorry about that. Thank you for visiting :)

I have never tasted catfish ... after your review I will taste it. thanks for sharing

oke, you must taste it sometime :) thank you. have a nice day

That just looks delicious!

oh yes, thank you. :)

Lele goreng never die 😍

Oh yea, he..he..;) thank you