Ayojon Restaurant: Great ayojon (arrangements)

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This restaurant is situated at the AK khan circle in Chittagong. It is a very important circle of the city. A lot of people walking away all over the day over the circle...


If you want to pass some special moments with some one special, it is one of the perfect places in chittagong city. It is very much lucrative in decoration and calm in atmospheric properties.


Here we went a few days ago. I ordered some porota with chicken garlic curry. The food was really awesome. They are very much conscious about the taste and quality of the foods.

The interior design of the restaurant is very lucrative and aristocratic. You must feel very easy and special at the restaurant with your special person to p0ass some special moments at some special day. The service of the boys are also very smart and professional.


At the end of the review, I may confirm you that you will be happy with the overall utility of the Ayojon Restaurant. You must come back again and again to the restaurant for its special foods and experience.



Restaurant Information

Ayojon Restaurant
Dhaka - Chittagong Hwy, Chittagong, Bangladesh

Ayojon Restaurant: Great ayojon (arrangements)
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Nice lookin' place I bet the chicken garlic curry was tasty