Lachha Paratha With Chilly Chicken ! - A North Indian Delight :)

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Hola Food Lovers !

Well if you've heard about India then you must be knowing it's known for it's amazing varieties of spices and great food items.

So just a few days ago I checked into a restaurant with one of my buddies and ordered Lachha Parathas with Chilly Chicken.

And here's what we were served :)


Lachha Paratha is a special North Indian flatbread which became so popular it spread epicly, mostly beacause of it's great taste and crispiness.
As far as our tummies were concerened we ordered two Parathas for each one of us and shared one plate of Chilly Chicken as it could have got quite heavy on our wallets too.😅

But the best part is that the restaurant was amazing and we were given quality service and the food was as usual amazing !


I would happily rate the entire experience 8/10 at the restaurant. And definitely I would be visiting it again. :)

You can too pay a visit and have a great meal over the Spicy Multi Cuisine Restaurant

Restaurant Information

Spicy Multi Cuisine Restaurant
Chinsurah, West Bengal, India

Lachha Paratha With Chilly Chicken ! - A North Indian Delight :)
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hmmmm.. that is quite an interesting dish.

Yeah ! Indeed it is !!

It looks so cool, do you eat it with hands?

It's very epic ;)

Yeah, In India it is relished with our hands :)

Oh, how I miss eating Indian food. We have friends from India and they usually cook Indian food and roti for us!

Thank you for sharing Indian cuisine to us. 😉

Oh ! Feelin bad for you, you're missing a very amazing thing here on Earth !

Glad you can still enjoy rotis ;)

Would keep bringin more Indian stuff :) STAY TUNED !

Yeah, I know I'm missing a lot. 😢 Poor thing.

Lachha Paratha looks very good.
thanks for sharing

I'm glad you liked em ' :)

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That just look so mouth watering

That was what I too went through when I ordered the consignment 🤤

Thanks for stoppin by bro :)