Weekly Contests Tasteem Global 🧡(Monday 05/08/2019 - Sunday 11/08/2019)

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Dear Tasteemers,

A new week of Tasteem Global 7 days 7 contests will happen soon. Please take a look at the contest schedule, prepare your review and submit at a suitable contest.

We suggest you to follow @tasteem and read the contest announcement before submitting your post. Please join the Tasteem discord and read the additional rules at #information.

New Tasteem Global weekly contests

2019/08/05 = Seafood Restaurant

2019/08/06 = Be Veggie

2019/08/07 = Made in Japan

2019/08/08 = My favourite dessert

2019/08/09 = Beverages With Friends

2019/08/10 = You weekly choice

2019/08/11 = Street Food

Thank you for your participation and see you soon at Tasteem

Tasteem links- please vote Tasteem as your witness 🧡



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