Read And Brew Cafe/ Wednesday Walk by @tattoodjay

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After going to Church, my girlfriend decided to go here. It was my very first time to go here. The thing that caught my eye were all the desserts which were displayed. They had Oreo cheescake, turtle cheesecake, matcha cheesecake, blueberry cheese cake, red velvet, carrot cake, dulce de leche, new york cheesecake, classic chocolate, black forest, tiramisu and apple pie.
This is their whole menu. They serve coffee, Tea , Smoothies, Milk Shakes, Pasta, Salads, snacks, sandwiches, main dishes with rice and all day breakfast.
As soon as I saw the place I really like the vibe of it.
From its design youll already know why it is called Read and brew

I'm not a coffee drinker but do you believe in what the frame on the wall says "LIFE BEGINS after COFFEE"?
My girfleriend ordered Alfredo..... It tasted good
she also got coffee with it.
We got the last slice of the Turtle cheesecake, It was our very first time to hear Turtle before a cheesecake. But when we ate it, it tasted so delicious. I loved the combination of the nuts, caramel and chocolate with the cheesecake,
I'm so going back to this place to try the other cheesecakes.
This was my walk the other day after walk me and my colleague went to Session road. Session road is currently closed because we are celebrating a festival called Panagbenga(flower festival). The people of Baguio celebrates this annually, usually in the months of February to March. The only downside of what they are doing is the traffic we have to go through just to get to work.
This is what you call Session in Bloom, wherein the whole street is closed for cars and there are stalls everywhere. Most of the stalls here are food.

You can actually see how busy this place is. To be honest walking through the crowd sucks. You should always be aware of your belongings because during this time there are a lot of people who would strike given this opportunity.

Thanks for reading!

Animation by @zord189


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Restaurant Information

Read And Brew Cafe
Porta Vaga Mall Parking, 2600, Baguio, Benguet, Philippines

Read And Brew Cafe/ Wednesday Walk by @tattoodjay
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My focus on Cheesecake and Latte. :)

Thanks for sharing with Tasteem



They were delicious! Everybody loves cheesecake right? Thank you so much for dropping by and your kind comment! I just love tasteem

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This place is beautiful, ideal to have a good time with friends. Love the second picture, it's a paradise for a baker like me... It would be great to be able to eat a little cheesecake


This place is truly beautiful! I really agree with you. Wow, you're a baker? I shall visit you page. I lovee cheesecake hahaha. Thanks for dropping by!


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I think I definitely prefer the vibe at Read and Brew versus those busy streets! I'm sure the festival can be fun, but I'm not a big fan of large crowds either. :)


Oh yes! we are the same. It really sucks to walk on that busy street. I'd rather spend my time alone than going to large crowds.

I love turtle cheesecake, too, and that looked like a really delicious piece! Now I'm hungry for cheesecake!


It really was delicious! Go and grab some hahaa! Thanks for dropping by!

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What a cool place it has such a charm to it, I to had neve rhear df turtle Cheesecake it sure looks good and after eating that a walk to burn off some calories is a good idea

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk !tip


Yes, that's soo true. It was my first time also seeing and eating a turtle cheescake. It was good! Thanks for hosting this!


My Pleasure hosting this :)

Really love the atmosphere of this place! The cheesecake looks really interesting and tasty!


Oh yes you get to read or use the wifi. If only the view was better haha. It really was good. Thanks for dropping by!

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Howdy there sgbonus! Wow what a fun walk and a great restaurant review! I'm with you, I would definitely go back for more cheese cake!


Hello there kind sir! I really enjoyed that walk and the food! I’m thinking of the same thing I love cheesecake haha. Thanks for dropping by and your kind comments. Have a great day!

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howdy today sgbonus! you are very welcome, it was a great post and made alot of us hungry!


Hahaha, I guess whenever I write these kinds of posts it makes me feel like eating again

Reading with coffee is the best, especially you can feel the other people are doing the same with you which make you calm and relax and focus, lovely !:D


I actually don't drink coffee most of the time, I really went there to accompany my girlfriend haha. But I love your idea, I think that's what I would feel when I'm drinking my favorite drink. Thanks for dropping by!

It seems like nice place!


Yes it is, THanks for dropping by!