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When things fall into place and it was very sunny down here in ilorin. Kwara state. Nigeria. The next thing to do for me is to rush to this lovely location, sit down and quench my hungry for the rest of the day. Hunger has been the highest possible standard for poor health malnutrition and so on, so to make this not to work on my and my wife we visited the so THE FRIENDS AFRICANA FAST FOOD.


At friends resturant, we quench our hunger that's my weekly choice. It is so because Friends, they are very accommodating and their food are so cheap and very delicious. Wehen we visited the Place, we concluded in our mind that Yeah, this is the place


At Friends, there are several food meal available, the local food and the foreign food packages it depends on your choice. But I went for just simple local d dish.


In conclusion,

I want everyone around ilorin, kwara state to please visit FRIENDS RESTURANT for great meal.

Restaurant Information

Friends Africana Fast-food
Ilorin, Nigeria

FRIENDS RESTURANT | Africana fast-food Dishes | Chinese Cuisine | My weekly Choice
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Hello, @matthewtonyit

I have advice for you.

For next time, please show the food you enjoy at the place.

Thanks for the attention.


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