🍛 Rice and curry "Khun Tor" 🍚🍲

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Hello all friends

Meet with Quality food at a good price makes everyone happy! "Cheap and delicious" I like this topic. Because it looks so good to me. Food of the labor This is always the case. The look of the food may not look as good as the food in the hotel, but it has a very delicious taste. But not every shop is tight. Let's see what a delicious and delicious restaurant I am. What is this post? "Rice and curry" Yes, this is not the first post. And not the last post I offered a restaurant that was both delicious and delicious. See how good it is.



Location / atmosphere
  • Rice and curry "Khun Tor" shop Located on the map coordinates 13.739149, 100.283611 in the middle of Rai Khanchai 30, Rai Khing, Sam Phran, Nakhon Pathom. It's a new store. View Profile The floor is a good proportion. The rice fields are full of rice. Good weather


  • The restaurant is self-service. This restaurant Must be self-service everything. From scoop to rice Then a glass of drinking water. At first, no customer. But it's time for lunch. Feeling like it was overseas. This restaurant is mostly foreign. These are foreigners. They have good and cheap restaurants nearby.



Food / drink 🍛


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Wow looks delecious

I would certainly need to have some cucumbers with the meal, because it looks quite hot!

yummy ! :)
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