A Local Taste of Catfishy Blind Date

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This was a place introduced by my friend. The first time I was here, we had a great time with the rendang rice. Then, on the second time we were here, we tried out their signature Silver Catfish with Tempoyak style (with fermented durian spicy gravy in yellow). That was one of the most awesome taste and it gave us a very good stomach on the next day, smooth toilet job.

This afternoon, brought her to the place to enjoy lunch with the signature dish plus with other authentic dishes. I love how they decorated the place with very local Malay feel which get the customers (mainly Malays) feel at home. While the boss and a lot of the staffs are Chinese, they get very well with the customers and there were lots of Malays visiting the place too!

Here were our ordered dishes and we gave all of them delectable dishes grade!

My Kendondong Juice, freshly prepared and not those restaurant that used synthetic syrup

Local green curry, love the curry

Simple Telur Dadar, simply delicious

Fried Hong Kong Kailan, you will love it with the crunchy feel

The signature dish, the silve catfish (patin) fish with local sambal and tempoyak style

Lots of good customers feedback

Not to forget the very friendly and helpful lady boss and waiters, waitresses

Some of the menu:




Well, again a very unique place to have a date and follow up with some other place to get into a more romantic and erherm session.

Restaurant Information

Patin Place
31, Jalan BPU 5, 14 Miles, Jalan Puchong, Bandar Puchong Utama, 47100 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia

A Local Taste of Catfishy Blind Date
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Hhmm yummy, did you finish the fish?

That fish just looks so amazing!

Yup, the fish amazing, tasted great and cost a lot too, around RM60.