Banana Leaf Lunch

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A simple lunch with @enjiliew while we worked on our stuff in Cyberjaya area. I would always love to have banana leaf rice, mixed with chicken, fish and mutton curry then get some good mutton to fill up my tummy. In addition, I also love to have Lassi as the perfect combination to get my tummy digest well for the day. No doubt, I had a smooth experience throughout the day in the toilet.


This banana leaf restaurant was not bad and the price was also reasonable. Both of us ate which costed RM38 which is near to RM20 each of us. Very fulfilling and all the dishes and drinks are well prepared. I was first skeptical about the restaurant as it is a 24 hours restaurant. Usually they will have less quality food as they operate for such long hour and the food may not be freshly prepared. So far so good then for me.

Her three color tea and forget to take my lassi as we were in discussion and my drink came later

Restaurant Information

D'Banana Leaf Cyberjaya
No. 83G, Lingkaran Cyber Point Barat, Neocyber, Selangor, Cyberjaya, 63000 Cyberjaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Banana Leaf Lunch
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We too had banana leaf that day in Puchong, also roughly RM20 each per person. Guess that's the standard price nowadays haha, luxury 杂饭 😂

Haha, true. If get chicken as additional dish maybe cheaper. I go for mutton, that's why expensive.

We had 2 pcs of chicken maybe that's why the price haha

Looks like delicious food....

Yes, indeed :)

Hi, I tried Banana leaf rice before in KL, really had fun!

Ya, banana leaf rice can be vege mode too!

Cheers! To eating under a banana leaves!

Yup, enjoyed that a lot :)

Delicious food
Thanks for sharing