Yash Fast Food - They choose the menu, You focus on eating

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Yash Fast Food is located at a minute's walk from my office and is not just my weekly choice but also nearly my everyday choice. The store is an exhibition of Mumbai's entrepreneurial spirit. A woman, who sells food on the street, saved up to open this place while continuing to run her street business. I used to eat at her stall to support local community, till, on a hot summer day, she once told me I could go to her restaurant and eat there in the shade.

The menu has some standard items every day, such as rice, chapati (flatbread), lentil curry and Lentil khichdi. What changes are 2 veggie dishes, 1 chicken and a rice dish.

The above is veg, and non vegetarian is below -

The best bang per buck is the thali option. Veg thali is 70 cents and Non veg thali is nearly 90 cents.

I opted for the Non veg thali as I couldn't understand what one veg dish was. Thali comes with rice, lentils, chapati and choice of veg/nonveg.

What i love about this place is that food is cooked in the ladys home nearby, is fresh and I don't have to think too much. It gives me the same sense of walking down the office and buying a sandwich from subway or pret. It's quick and full of taste. Fully recommend it for folks working in Prabhadevi.

Restaurant Information

Yash Fast Food
Jagannath Bhatankar Marg, Dighe Nagar, Parel, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400012, India

Yash Fast Food - They choose the menu, You focus on eating
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Trust me when I say that I'm salivating. 😋
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Where is the food that you enjoy at the place?

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