The Ink Library Cafe @ Grandeur Labs.

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Middle of Nowhere!

Basically, The Ink Library Cafe @ Grandeur Labs is at the middle of nowhere, why? Because this land has not been developed yet, but the Show Centre of this new township Eco Grandeur, has already set up and surrounded by few cafes and restaurants, just to cater to customers who come to see the developer's show units. And also because Eco Grandeur is a high-end housing area, the cafes in the Show Centre are very unique as well.

How did we end up in the middle of nowhere? Lol, our friend Maya lives nearby this area, she brought us here because she knows we like places that are quiet and cosy, where we can hang out with friends for a cup, or two of coffee with some delicious desserts to go with it.

This sure made into our top 10 list of cafes, you will know why if you continue to read on.




As you notice from the name, this cafe is based on a library-themed that provides a wide range of books and magazines. Some are for sells, some are just for the leisure of inhouse reading. Basically, you are surrounded by BOOKS!








The place is spacious, the seatings are comfortable, the table display was nice. The decorations are just nice with lots of greens surrounding at each corner. I can fall asleep at their sofas frankly speaking!


Menu and Food!



The menu is very simple as they don't have a long list of dishes, BUT, they do have a variety to choose from, like breakfast, snacks, pizzas, pasta, burgers and all types of drinks.

Caramel Choc.jpg

Red Velvet.jpg




Since we are here just to relax, chill and do some catching up with friends, we just ordered cakes and coffee this time. The Caramel Chocolate Cake and Red Velvet was just so tasty! Not too sweet, caramel complement the dark chocolate cake nicely. The creams in Red Velvet was really generous, I love cakes with a thick layer of creams so it doesn't taste too dry.

The Black Coffee and Cafe Latte was good, very thick with strong aromas. Although I wish there can give me a bigger portion! Hahaha...

After an hour or two of chit chat, we ordered more coffee and added a basket of Frech Fries, not bad also with the right amount of herbs and salt.



Basically, this concluded our gathering for the day in this cosy place in a hot afternoon. I would definitely come back to try their main dishes in one of these days, even though I will have to drive 35 minutes to come to this middle of nowhere cafe! Hehehe...

I hope you enjoy the review, hope to see you in my next post! Thank you!


All photos were taken with my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.


Grandeur Labs @ Eco Grandeur, Lot 6232, Persiaran Mokhtar Dahari, Eco Grandeur, 42300 Puncak Alam, Sungai Buloh, Selangor, Malaysia.
Contact: +6016-621 8171
Business Hour : 10am – 10pm Daily

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Restaurant Information

The Ink Library Cafe.
EcoWorld [email protected] Grandeur, 42300 Puncak Alam, 6332, B49, 47000 Sungai Buloh, Selangor, Malaysia

The Ink Library Cafe @ Grandeur Labs.
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Wow @joelai, you have found my perfect spot! Books and food and ambiance! I could eat there every day. Those desserts look amazing and well fries!!!!! Love the bike theme, ferns hanging ...really creative. Your friend has really found a gem of a spot out in the middle of nowhere :) Well done!

Thanks @birdsinparadise! I'm glad I have such a place to go and hang out with friends right now.

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Thank you for your support!

Do you mind lending that byke to me? Just for a day ride.

Meanwhile the library is large and tall. Only ladder can be used to get those ones on top.

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If only I can take it too! Haha

It sure was a great place for coffee and cake!

Yes it was!

Wow! What a lovely place and one can sit and read here for a whole day.
Surely a great place to hang out in and the food also looks great.

A great review here my dear friend.

Thanks my friend, this place is surely a gem!

I'd like a cake right now!

Me too!

That does look like such a trendy and nice cafe :)

Yup, I was surprised to have found this place.

and a nice surprise at that :)

What a cool and trendy cafe! The decor, the layout, the colours.... they are all very hipster aesthetics, and ........ i love it XD

And their food looks delicious too (and sounds delicious, from your testimony!!!)

Aaah, I love such places :)

I love it too!

Looks like a very nice place. I'd visit, but I'm afraid it's a little too far to drive ;-)

hahaha... Indeed @toddrjohnson!

Take me! I don't care what middle that is located lol! If only all libraries are like this. It would encourage more readers 👍👍 Good find!

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Your comment really makes me laugh @leeart!!


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Looks so nice, made to blog and kinda eat or read.

Yes, a very suitable place for all!

Ooohhh, looks like a cool place - the sofas outside look comfy - I wish we had cooler weather to sit outdoors... Yummy food and that coffee looks wonderful too! 😋

Yeah, the outdoor seating only for night time, but at this moment I think it's still too hot to be outside at night! Crazy weather!


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Thank you for your support too @tasteem!

Looks so appealing to visit, clean with quirky fixtures placing one into a relaxed frame of mind. Menu never has to be elaborate, as long as what is served is good, well done with your review @joelai

Thank you too @joanstewart, for you lovely comment!

Nice choice for a review. Exactly the kind of place I love as well.

Same here!!

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Noted on that! Thank you.

Interesting ideas in the design of this cafe. I would love to look into it.

It really is an interesting place!

My kind of place! It looks so homey! I wonder if I could come over and start writing there?

Sure you can!

That looks like a wonderful place!

Yup it is!

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Oh that wall of books on the shelves is fantastic! I would love to have that in my own home, haha! That looks like a place I would enjoy, as well. Nice to check it out before all the rest of the development happens as I can imagine it will get really busy then. A good cup of coffee, a sweet treat and friends--what a pleasant way to pass some time!

I have the same thought too, wish I can have a wall of books in my living hall!

I wish I had a place like that nearby! Beautiful, cozy and the food looks amazing! And who wouldn't want to enjoy all that with a good book??

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I am blessed with this place!