Friends Date Plus Work Done!

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Hello Tasteemians. Thrilled to be back with Beverages with Friends. Although busy with my company issues, I won't forget my friends. We went to have a drink at the Lava Burger Bakar and had snacks, too.

PhotoGrid_1552868059588.jpgPhoto taken from my car, while waiting for my girlfriends.

I went with my work load as well, consulted with some of them while meeting friends there. LAVA BURGER BAKAR is a burger joint restaurant that serves burgers, fries and drinks like coffee and juices.

We saw an item which caught our eyes, the Oreo Chocolate Fudge Smoothie. So, we ordered that and another friend ordered a Sundrop Orange Juice.

Oreo Chocolate Fudge Smoothie

PhotoGrid_1552868249230.jpgPrice: RM10.90

It was a chocolate ice blended with creamer, mounted with fluffy whipped cream...

I'm not finished yet - stabbed with a chocolate wafer... and a sandwich of Oreo on top of the whipped cream, drizzled with chocolate syrup... And sprinkled with rainbow love and Oreo crumbs!!!

We took our time to slurp up the Smoothie because it was very rich and sweet. The wafer and Oreo gave us munching time too, what a carnival in our mouths

In the mean time, one friend of mine ordered a glass of orange juice, a product of Sundrop. Price: RM6.90

I guess this was just a cordial or premixed juice.

Tasted like orange juice, of course.

However, we like to snack, therefore, we also ordered a set of Cheezy Beef Party Burger, the set came with crispy crinkle cut fries. RM15.90


Looked yummy, we, ladies, attacked it like hungry moms. That was really cheese-licious.

I would totally recommend the Smoothie above. Let me highlight that:


img1552868113237.jpg The Oreo Chocolate Fudge Smoothie

Alright, thank you to you and to you, for reading my post. If you have a great Smoothie to share, please do a Tasteem review! I'll be sure to stop by and drool.

Bye and till next review!

Opening Hours of Lava Burger Bakar:

11am to 11pm

But Public Holidays
3pm to 11pm

Restaurant Information

Jalan Pintas, 88200 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

Friends Date Plus Work Done!
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Lol. Also the whole glass of Diabetes

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That oreo chocolate fudge smoothie looks like something I would order. I can almost taste it. That's a new idea to me, to put a couple of cookies on top of a smoothie. And then the burger and fries looked good too. I'm glad you and your girlfriends had a nice place like this for snacks and yummy smoothies. The sundrop orange juice looks like there is something chocolate in the bottom, but I can't imagine orange juice and chocolate going together.


That's not chocolate, it's actually the brown palm sugar. The orange cordial was not sweet but they added the brown palm sugar to sweeten the drink. Yes, we had slurps and munchies. Haha...

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Yummy yummy drinks!

Wow! That look like a calorie fest hahha. Thanks for Sharing this with us!