My Breakfast with Parota, Vaji and Egg

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Friends, morning breakfasts are very important to us because perfect breakfasts give you the strength to keep you up all day. So proper and nutritious breakfasts are important in keeping our body functioning. So in the case of breakfast we should take into account the nutritional value.



I get out doing the Morning Walk daily, after a long walk this morning, something seemed weak, so I took the morning breakfast from the restaurant. Although I always like the same kind of breakfasts. My favorites are on the list, Porota, Baji and eggs.



However, just as I try to keep my body fit through Morning Walk every day, I also try to keep my body functioning and healthy through just getting the right breakfast. I think all of this should be done.


Although the restaurant is not very good quality, their food quality is quite good. I'll give the rating 4/5.

Niribili Hotel and Restaurant
Shop No. 39, Haji Younus Road
Noyabazar, Dhaka

Restaurant Information

Niribili Hotel and Restaurant
Naya Bazar, Dhaka, Bangladesh

My Breakfast with Parota, Vaji and Egg
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