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In a bid to be healthy I am learning to be a vegan. So, my first step is to check out restaurants within Metro Cebu that is accredited by Happy Cow. I am unsure if you heard of it but #happycow certified food places are not much of not hard to find here. Take for example this place which local drivers aren't so aware of.

For a price of one dollar or 59php you get one cup plain rice,a vegetable and a vegetable based meat tasting viand and a soup of your choice. Very cheap indeed.
Because I ain't an expert yet on how to use Google Map for pinpointing the exact location let me type it down instead. So here goes :Tormis St., Urgello near Southwestern University.

I was surprised to see foreign and local students there. Good for them. I spoke with some of them and they have some recommendations I would like to try in my next visit.
Being a rookie ,I go for tofu and I was not disappointed. Even the appetizer made from coconut was delicious. If you are not aware you'd think of it as a shrimp paste we Filipinos call "bagoobg"but it's not as salty.

Expect self service but dont worry staffs are friendly and being low key you're in for some fresh air.
Too bad they don't deliver unless you order for 300 hundred pax. I'd surely recommend their food as eveb their bread are yummy at 25php.


Restaurant Information

Happy u
-, Urgello, Cebu City1, Cebu, Philippines

Happy cow happy me
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I've been vegan for over two years and I can only advise you to eat at home if you want to eat healthy :) Cooking at home is cheaper and definitely more healthy as you know what products you're using. If you need any help with the recipes just let me know and I can help you :)

I don't want you to get discouraged with vegan food before you actually find out how great it can be :)

Thank you for sharing and have a lovely weekend!

Plantbased food is so delicious

If i eat delicious food like yours..am sure are happy cow ..moooo 😂😂