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RE: The Restaurant with no Name!

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The description I just read in the post is a lot similar to food places here in Nigeria.

Canteens like that are generally known to be cheaper, they all mostly serve delicious food and the most cliche thing about them is being located by the roadside.

As a bachelor they are the default go to place for all meals.

Thank you for your contribution, we look forward to your next one

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This is one of the things I love about living here. Its not so much the food itself but the way we eat. Sitting outside having dinner or drinks is one of my life's greatest pleasures.

Lving the moderation on Realityhubs, thanks for dropping by and keeping it all clean and on point. I will be writing more for the tribes now post HF21 as I think the niche communities will really come into their own.
Best wishes mate :-)

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