Delicious Jok Stand Takeaway Bangkok Thailand

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Welcome to the Jok Stand I have eaten dinner from twice on my trip to Bangkok Thailand this week.

You find this stand at the bottom of the Exit 1 stairs of the Pho Nimit BTS Station.

10 bottom of BTS Pho Nimit.jpg

This sign and brother and sister team tell you that you are in the right spot.

15 sign.jpg

There is a lot of other yummy food here in the evening rush, but Thai jok is something I really love and so this is where my 25 thb goes. I get a lot of food for 80 cents usd.

Jok is rice porridge and I absolutely love it. I have had it from many places in Thailand and this is the best I have ever had!

22 more scene.jpg

Careful of the motorcycle traffic on the sidewalk!

25 careful of the bikes.jpg

You can get an egg cracked into your jok, but I prefer the pork balls you see in the bags behind. Seven of them are 5 thb.

50 eggs.jpg

They have pork gravy to mix in the jok.

55 gravy.jpg

56 gravy.jpg

And the thick jok is here. It is called congee in some other countries.

57 thick porridge.jpg

This pan is where they mix and heat your order.

58 mixing and heating.jpg

More gravy needed for this batch.

60 more gravy needed.jpg

This dispenser is common and seen whenever I have bought jok.

64 dispensor can.jpg

I will have cilantro and ginger added at the top of the mix.

66 greens and ginger.jpg

And these crunchy things will come in a separate bag. I think they are rice too.

68 eggs and cruchy things.jpg

Lots of spicing happens now.

70 spicing.jpg

72 scraping.jpg

And now I am almost ready to go.

74 soon ready.jpg

Looking back at the scene. The cart is out of view on the right near the stairs.

30 looking back.jpg

Back at my hostel, I will wait for this to cool a bit before eating.

76 home now.jpg

My crunchy things :)

78 my crunchy things.jpg

Now the veggies are wilted and so I am ready to eat. This is both dinner and breakfast for me.

82 better shot maybe.jpg

Here is the view from the top of the bag opened.

84 top of the bag.jpg

Crunchy things are deployed!

86 crunchy stuff in.jpg

Now I mooshed it all up in the bag, and will eat it with a spoon from here.

88 mixed.jpg

And tomorrow's breakfast is ready to go in the fridge. I like this just as much when cold to the horror of all in Thailand.

90 leftovers.jpg

= =

Delicious Jok Stand
Pho Nimit BTS Exit 1
Bangkok Thailand

At the bottom of the stairs
In front of the 711.

No contact information.
Open Daily 5 pm until sold out - maybe 9-10 pm.

Ratchaphruek Rd, Khwaeng Bukkhalo, Khet Thon Buri, Bangkok 10600, Thailand

100% worth your effort to get here!

Restaurant Information

Delicious Jok Stand Takeaway Bangkok Thailand
Ratchaphruek Rd, Khwaeng Bukkhalo, Thon Buri, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon, Thailand

Delicious Jok Stand Takeaway Bangkok Thailand
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Yummy review!
There's so much plastic used, but I understand the convenience of street food too.
If you have time, please come check my latest review 😀