Good Friends plus Refreshing Drinks Perfect Combination at Big Hotel

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One of my favourite and spacious cafe to unwind. Been here a couple of times with my friends. I suggest that if they want a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere to take a breather then Big Hotel Cafe that is found in their lobby is highly recommended.

Up for a refreshing drink and other great selection of beverages you want to order.

Mine I always order fresh shake or smoothie because it feels good and healthy.


Spacious environment and casual dining experience you can see at Big Hotel. Location wise is just across the Parkmall, Cebu City that are close to restaurants and pubs around the area.


I will rate Big Hotel Cafe as a 5 star due to a reasonable price of food and drinks, great service and lovely ambiance. Ideal spot for those who wants to have a good conversation or group meeting!

Restaurant Information

Big Hotel
Park Mall Dr, Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines

Good Friends plus Refreshing Drinks Perfect Combination at Big Hotel
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That shake looks delicious!


And healthy 😊

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Superb it is a fruit shake , thanks for dropping by @hiradate 😊

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That smoothie reminds me of sweet, refreshing lassi. I am sure the smoothie tastes good.


It tastes really good and refreshing 😊


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Nice post! I miss smoothie now...

It looks like you really enjoyed your drink! Thanks for sharing this with us!

summer is coming, that's my feeling