Tacos al Pastor in Mexico City

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So as you should know by now, we are a couple of Mexican foodies. And the other day we found a relatively new show in Nextflix, called the Taco Chronicles. So we started watching it and it was really good. It was so good that immediately we got a big craving for tacos.

If you have Netflix and like food, we strongly recommend you to watch the show. It is mostly made in Mexico but it has a couple of places reviewed in USA.

Well the next day, after we started watching this show, we just couldn’t wait anymore and just drove to one of the places showed in the first episode. Each episode talks about one specific kind of taco and the first one is about “El Taco al Pastor” which is the king in México City.


So we just grab our keys, it was almost midnight, and drove to “Tacos Los Güeros” a very traditional and famous taco shop here in the city.


The menu is just simple you can get your traditional Taco al Pastor in a small corn tortilla with the meat (it is pork),a slice of pinaple, chopped onion and coriander. To have the complete experience you need to put in some salsa, the dark red one is the traditional for this taco but you can put anyone in. Also and very important you need to squeeze some lime juice on top.


You can also grab one of these tacos with melted cheese on top.


“La Gringa” is another traditional thing that you can order. It is just like a sandwich but instead of bread you put a couple of flour tortillas and fill it with al pastor meat and cheese. The flour tortilla is the same you get with burritos. This kind of tortilla is more traditional of the northern regions of Mexico and the south of USA.


Gringo is a nickname Mexicans got for any US citizen, it could be offensive or friendly depending of the tone you use. This dish took it’s name from a couple of female students (a couple of Gringas) that love Al Pastor meat but they asked their tacos with flour tortilla and cheese in the late 60’s in Mexico City. Eventually this item made it to the menu and spread all over the city.


I paired my tacos with a special red soda called Mudet Rojo. Mundet is the brand and rojo (red) is the color. You usually find this beverage in taco shops the flavor is hard to explain but it is traditional and it’s a perfect combination.

Restaurant Information

Tacos Los Güeros
Lorenzo Boturini 4354, Aeronáutica Militar, 15980 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico

Tacos al Pastor in Mexico City
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Precisamente el fin de semana vi la recomendación de esa serie pero no me atreví a comenzar a verla... Por aquello de los antojos...

Se ve que es un buen lugar y los tacos se ven geniales.

Un saludoi amigo.

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Ve la serie, está buena. Y pues los tacos los bajas corriendo jajaja

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No te creas.... El problema es que no soy de dos taquitos y ya... No, cuando empiezo es hasta reventar... Ya la veremos y en una de esas empezamos un pequeño tour como ustedes.

Un saludo.

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Si alguna vez tengo la oportunidad de conocer México me encantaría poder disfrutar de los maravillosos tacos al pastor, lo más que me gusta de esos tacos es la forma donde y como cocinan la carne que creó se llama "Trompo" @elteamgordo

Así es. Si vas al norte de México allá tal cual los llaman Tacos de Trompo. Pero aquí en la Ciudad de México se conocen como Tacos de Pastor. Y si, si vienes, tienes que probarlos.

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Que ricos se ven los tacos gringos, si pudiera pedir alguno, pediría ese!!!
acá en Venezuela también usamos la expresión gringo como ustedes.

That just looks so delicious!!!!! It's making my mouth water. THanks for sharing this and have a great day

Thanks! Hace a great day too!

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You just made me hungry... these look really good and I am a big fan of Tacos :)

Thanks! Glad you like it!!

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Good review! This is very nice restaurant! All foods look really tasty! The detailed information and background of the foods are interesting. Besides, it’s great that I can learn some Mexican words from your post.

Thanks so much for sharing. ;)