Fried Noodles, afternoon dessert to bring home

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Fried Noodle is one of the favorite foods that can be found anywhere in the street food culinary stall in my city. Affordable prices make it one of the best foods to take home. This time I will invite taSteemian to try one of the simple culinary stalls, but it is very crowded by Fried Noodle buyers. There is nothing special, it's just that the portion and taste offered is slightly different, yes here only sells fried noodles, no stir-fried noodles or bowl noodles. For one serving of fried noodles valued at IDR 10,000, the price is still relatively cheap, besides that the place is also clean, very suitable choice.

The owner just build the stall in front of the anothers people Coffee shop.

the cooked of fried noodles juat take about 5 minutes of time



not too long for waiting, my order could bring home and enjoy the best takeaway at the afternoon


Restaurant Information

Jurong Kleng Fried Noodles
Keude Cunda, Muara Dua, Lhokseumawe City, Aceh, Indonesia

Fried Noodles, afternoon dessert to bring home
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