Satay, always become the special choice in the weekend

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Satay is always a favorite, beef diced, then given spices, and burned, something very extraordinary on your tongue.

Indonesia is very familiar with satay, even in almost every region we have a special satay food, in Aceh for example, we named it "Satay Matang", this is not "word" mature in the sense of cooking, but the name of satay Matang comes from the name of the city the food originates in our province, Matangglumpangdua

This time I will invite TaSteemian to be in a satay culinary center in my city, Sate Matang, satay food here is very complete, in addition to our peanut sauce we also provide delicious soto sauce.
insert Img

Its the procces of Sate Matang cooked at the stall

many people in my province lovely this culinary, and the stall was a wel-known of satay matang

when it burn, I know the aroma would like to call you for taking lunch here.

the waiters looks busy prepare our order at one tables for 4 people of my friends

satay was coming, its time to enjoy our culinary in the weekend

for one piece of satay, you could paid about IDR 4000,-. and it was never enough for only 10 piece of a people, as usual I have been ended 15 piece by my self. crazy taste of satay.


Restaurant Information

Sate Sagobi
Mns Mee, Muara Dua, Lhokseumawe City, Aceh 24355, Indonesia

Satay, always become the special choice in the weekend
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Nyan ban.. hana pakat2 jak pajoh satai...

Makasih photo-nya bang 😂