Nasi Campur Babi - Pork Mixed Rice (猪肉饭)

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Hello friends,
today i would like to share about one of my food experience.
The food stall was located in a food court in Kelapa Gading Mal, North Jakarta.
Here was the food court


Here was the dining area there



It was large, clean, neat and comfortable.
Here was the food stall


It was not big but had customers. The waiter served us well.

The food stall's menu


What we ordered


This was called nasi campur babi or in english pork mixed rice. It was hainanese rice served with many pork dishes: chasiew, roasted pork, pork sausage and also egg and a chicken sweet soy sauce. They also served it all with the soup, it was broth of pork with salted mustard. Awkwardly, they served it with peanut spicy sauce.

I thought the flavor of the nasi campur was ordinary, and all the pork was not to tasty, might be because they made it to thin and not oily. I didn't know might be they warmed it over and over again. The chicken was nit tasty and it was a bit hard tobite. And the sauce was too hot for me, fortunately they separated it with the rice. But the soup was tasty, even they put some sesame seed on it which made it weird, it was totally delicious. Savory and tasty.

Nasi Campur Pagoda
Food sense food court
2nd floor Kelapa Gading Mal
North Jakarta
open daily 10 am - 10 pm

Restaurant Information

Nasi Campur Pagoda
RT.13/RW.18, Klp. Gading Tim., Kec. Klp. Gading, Kota Jkt Utara, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 14240, Indonesia

Nasi Campur Babi - Pork Mixed Rice (猪肉饭) we
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thank you

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Wow they served pork the food court way in this Jakarta mall ya. Quite surprising.

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haha. yes @auleo. you could find pork easily if you know the areas, actually it is not difficult to find pork here

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猪肉饭好好吃哦... 👍 海明😊

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Nasi Campur Bali is sooo goooddd! One of my favorite dishes in Indonesia!

thanks. this one is indonesian chinese food... you should try it too

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