Pinsa for the Dinner

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Last weekend I went with my brother to a little place in my city, the Pinseria Romana da Fabietto. They offer both a take-away service or a table for the dinner.

We call them in the afternoon to order a Meter Pinsa for the dinner.


Here it's possible to choose two or three different types of pinsa and they can realize one-meter pinsa with all them. For this week, we order one meter with Sea Fruit, Speck and Mascarpone Cheese, Ham and Porcini Mushrooms.


Returned to home with the food, running at the table. Wow! All very good, but the Ham and Porcini type...awesome pinsa!


We already ordered here pinsa for the dinner and I think that we'll often return in the future.

Place to visit guys!

Next Time!

Restaurant Information

Pinseria Romana da Fabietto
Via S. Leonardo, 387, 54100 Marina di Massa, Massa MS, Italy

Pinsa for the Dinner
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Seems like you can have it all in there. Lots of ingredients.

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Looks so tummy to eat!

Yes, it was delicious

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Always amazing to see italian food!


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