The Olive Branch - Authentic Turkish Cuisine in Hebden Bridge, England UK.

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In case you haven’t noticed, I found a fun game to play on the blockchain called write restaurant reviews for That’s not really what it’s called but that is really what it is. Each day of the week, the folks over at @tasteem host a different competition like this one called Be Veggie.

My wife and I are more on the vegan side of vegetarian meaning we don’t eat animals or dairy but never get invited to the vegan table because we eat fish, honey, an occasional slice of baklava and anyone who’s opposed to beer is just weird. Just kidding @plantstoplanks—you know I ♥️ my gorillas! 😉

So, when we go out to eat, we usually punch Mediterranean, Asian, or Middle Eastern into our phones and see what a combination of Siri and Google can cook up. Today we were paired with:


The Olive Branch. Located at 21 West End, Hebden Bridge, England UK.

Hebden Bridge is a cool little artsy type, eclectic feel having community where buskers are performing daily in the courtyards, the farmer’s market runs seven days a week and the city is built on top of the Hebden Beck—a windy river with several bridges built over it throughout the city for crossing. Nobody walks along the river or any body of water in England, they ‘fancy a walk’ here. That’s what @puravidaville and I did today—we fancied a walk along the waters edge until we were waiting at the crosswalk in front of The Olive Branch.



The boats docked along the river in the following picture are actually homes, floating homes, people live in them year round. The photo immediately after the boat’s is a section of the river with mechanical gates used to stop or release water flow—similar in operation to the Panama Canal.




One more bridge around one more turn and we’ve arrived at The Olive Branch—time to order some lunch.


The menu has multiple vegetarian items identified by a ‘V’ which, when ordered without cheese, most vegetarian food can be vegan—‘VE.’ The backside of the menu has all of your wines, beers, etc.



The atmosphere inside is really nice. There’s an open bar for those of you who drink, I can’t think of the last time I drank, not that I’m against it, I’m just not very good at it—I suck at it! Theres plenty of seating inside, nice decor and, on each of the walls are really big photos of iconic locations in Turkey, each with descriptions explaining the photos as well as a piece of Turkeys’ history such as Blue Lagoon and Maiden’s Tower.




The cover image is the spread we ordered. On our table was Sebzeli Sote—a Mediterranean fresh vegetable stew made from a tomato base with spices and bulgur.


Cold Veggie Meze—hummus, cacik, salsa, saksuka, stuffed with vine leaves, babagnus, olives, kisir and salad.


Falafel—with hummus, a side salad, fresh salsa, tortilla chips and warm flour tortillas for dipping.


Patates Salatasi—steam cooked baby potatoes with crushed chilli, olive oil, red onion, red and green peppers, parsley and dill.


The meal was delicious, two mains, two sides and two waters was under $30—two thumbs up. Should you find yourself in Hebden Bridge, go hungry, stop by The Olive Branch and order one of everything on the menu, you’ll be glad you did.



Restaurant Information

The Olive Branch
21 W End, Hebden Bridge HX7 8UQ, UK

The Olive Branch - Authentic Turkish Cuisine in Hebden Bridge, England UK.
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The vegan choice is indeed an interesting thing. The foods look yummy.

Thanks for sharing with Tasteem. Keep up the good review!



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My pleasure @anggreklestari, thanks for having me.

Why hello there @dandays! I fancy a lil' bit if that food; It looks delicious 😊 Cool walk as well...I love the scenery and the age of those buildings. Nothing like being somewhere with some interesting history. Glad things are going well for you two love birds 😊❤️

If I woulda known the biggest heart on the whole blockchain was gonna stop by I would’ve at least got my hair did. Quick—“do I have anything in my teeth?”

How’s it goin, Lynn? Know you and Brian are always in our prayers. The only thing cooler than these tasteem reviews would be the company of you guys and a cribbage dessert.

Thanks a lot for stopping by @lynncoyle1, I always love it when I get a Lynn visit.

You always make me smile @dandays :) Great food, great company and cribbage?! Dreamin' big buddy :) Doesn't get any better than that.

Thank you as always for the prayers ... collectively, I think the steemit prayer, good thoughts, positive energy train is working wonders :)

Yep, we eat gooood. That curry the other day too… 😋. I don’t know about you but my hubby keeps me well fed. At least that’s what the waistline on my jeans says :). I heart you all the time you review writing freak. Muah

  ·  20 days ago (edited)

Thanks for finding the good joints, like that curry. My goodness. But you’re still the best chef.

So what if I don’t know how to cook anymore. Pssh.

Funny huh? And I got another review coming for #fff. Not sure when I’ll get to it, you’re actually getting yourself ready for us to head out to Liverpool as I type this so it’ll probably have to wait until tomorrow.

All the time—that’s when.

All the tine? Ditto my hunk!

Howdy sir dandays! man, what a cool post! That river and the house boats are so interesting, that looks very cramped though but it must be cheap to live like that. Dang you guys can put away the food! Ya'll must have the metabolisms of a teenager!

The food all looks great!

  ·  10 days ago (edited)

See, the thing is, we go to these places when we’re frikkin starving so we end up wanting to try everything out. We always regret having ordered so much but when it’s that good, what’s a little regret?

How’s it goin Janton? I’m glad you made it over here, thanks. What do you think of the platform these days? I’ve seen a few new accounts but followers are still hard to come by, same for you?

Thanks for stopping by @janton.

Howdy sir dandays! I agree that it happens that way when you're starving. lol. I still think ya'll have teenager metabolisms or you'd be chunky. lol. It's not usually fattening food at all though is it?

My account? Oh heavens I attract followers like vultures to roadkill on a Texas country road., it's the same for me, I atrract very little in the way of followers and the hardfork may make it even harder if people are posting less. Everyone I talk to say they will not post as much, how bout you guys, will you keep posting at a normal pace, if you have a normal pace?

Pura has already opted out, it’s unlikely we see her do much else other than an occasional food fight. I’m doing my normal, one to two posts a week but I can’t attract new viewers.

And if what you’re saying is true and people are going to post even less than my little bit, man, hm..

In answer to your question though, Mediterranean food that’s plant based is surprisingly low on calorie counts.

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I need to eat more Mediterranean food. Howdy today sir dandays. Well everyone is taking a wait and see attitude but many of the large accounts are saying they will post less and try to figure out how to curate more to make more earnings that way. There's also the possibility that if most people post less then your posts can become more popular.

You'll become a bigger fish because of the shrinking pond. It's all theoretical at the moment though.


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Thanks for having me @tasteem, great platform ya’all got.

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Thank you @c-squared, I always appreciate your visits.

Hi @dandays, how are you doing? I haven't read your writing for a long time and it turns out that after I checked your blog it turned out I had passed some of your posts. The reason is because of time differences. when you post I am fast asleep because in my hemisphere is midnight. In the morning I am busy working and passing your posts. You have succeeded in making saliva come out with photos of your delicious foods. It seems like it's very delicious, sir. are you in London now? Have a nice day.

Well good morning Miss Eliana, how are you? I appreciate you keeping an eye out for my articles, that means a lot, thank you!

Doesn’t the food on the table look delicious? We’re very blessed to be in a position to do a whole lot of enjoying ourselves, thanks for keeping an eye on me, I’ll see you again soon!

Thanks for stopping by @elianaelisma.

Apparently English food is not very good, lol. But I guess, they have international cuisine there now days, just like here in Canada . This look delicious! I never tried Turkish food 😊

Whhaaaatt?? Two Lena sightings in the same day?! Someone pinch me.

Yeah, the food here is terrible, can you tell? 😉 The one place I’d really like to eat at in Canada is your place.

Thanks for stopping by @lenasveganliving.

But you are not in Canada, lol................but maybe someday in the future you come visit 😊

Wait a minute, I'm confused about the gorillas? 🤔😂 And you know you always have a place at my table. Especially if you bring this food. Because it looks friggin delicious.

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Good morning plants! Hope you don’t mind me tagging you like that. It’s just you’re my second favorite plant and first favorite personal trainer on the whole platform. 👍🏿

Whenever one of my buddy’s would say or someone I’m working with will say something to the extent of they need meat or else they get exhausted. You know, you’ve heard em all. I always like to remind them of the strongest primate, the one that can crush skulls with one hand and only eats plants. Gorilla. In my friendly non condescending way I’ll be “not one gorilla has ever been exhausted due to lack of meat.”

Eh, these restaurant reviews are a whole new reason to go out and try different joints. “Darn.”

Thanks for stopping by @plantstoplanks, great to hear from you.

You know after I left the comment my brain kicked in and I realized the connection, haha. I should know not to Steem on Thursday evenings. I never mind a shout, even if I wander over confused. I returned the favor this morning. 😉

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What a lovely place for a fancy walk. The food looks good and even the names sound good.

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I’m glad you liked it, thanks for checking me out. The food, the walk, the company, I just couldn’t make a wrong choice. 😉

Thanks for stopping by @leeart.

Lucky you 😁😁

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Only my favorite cake! Thanks @helpiecake @vibesforlife.

Really nice place. Hope to go here someday...

I hope you get the chance too, it’s definitely a plate full of good memories.

Thanks for stopping by @verasj.