Bacio di Puglia

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Walking through the Molfetta Outlet shopping center, my wife and I took a refreshment break at Bacio di Puglia. It is a very large and spacious bar / pizzeria that has a really spacious inside room. Upon entering, a large wood-burning oven is immediately visible in action and the busy pizza maker makes pizzas and more.



A large window shows focaccia, pizza, panzerotti, all in extra large format. Proceeding instead you end up in the bar section where you can order a drink or a simple coffee. Here too, a beautiful showcase displays cakes, biscuits, cakes and much more.




There is also an outdoor room, for the hottest periods, where you can sit and eat food. Bacio di Puglia is always open from early morning for breakfast until late evening for a nice pizza.

Restaurant Information

Bacio di Puglia
Via dei Portuali, 12, 70056 Molfetta BA, Italy

Bacio di Puglia
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It is good food

Che fame che mi è venuta...