Taotao Ju restaurant --Delicious Cantonese food

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Last month ,My family had a trip to Guangzhou for four days.We have lunch and supper in some restaurants there.Taotao JU is one of them.
This brand is fairly old in Guangzhou,Its beginning dated back to Qing Dynasty .It's famous for Cantonese flavor food.


The interior decoration is traditional Chinese style using a lot of wood .Lighting is bright .Its business is very well.As you can see ,during supper time there is almost little seats left .Most of their tables are small,so this place is mainly for small group chatting and family union not for big party .

Most are Cantonese flavor food.
Food we ordered


Shrimp dumplings.Most famous Cantonese food,must have.

chicken feet .Very easy to chew and still tasty .

Fried beancurd ball.

ravioli soup with vegetable ,very healthy .

All above are delicious .they are typical Cantonese flavor which is sweet .Speaking about the price , all above cost a little more than 200 Yuan ,that's about 30 dollars .

Restaurant Information

Taotao Ju 陶陶居
Beijing Road, Yuexiu, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China, 510000

Taotao Ju restaurant --Delicious Cantonese food
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The shrimp dumpling look so appetizing! Now, I'm craving for Chinese dim sum. Haha.

Everything looked really appetizing and most importantly, most of them are healthyly prepared. Except for deep fried beancurd. Wonderful place. Nice review, 👍

Shrimp dumplings !
It looks tasty!

I wonder how did the shrimp dumplings taste like? I love the way they presented it. Thank you for sharing this with us!