Nice Juicy Burger

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Few months ago, I and my family went to this restaurant for a nice pork burger. The place is located at ITCC Penampang, Sabah. Its open daily from 11.00 am - 9.00 pm.

The place is a nice place to hangout. Customer can choose to dine outside or indoor at this restaurant. It is also clean.

Menu available can be seen on their big black board displayed just on top of the counter.

I ordered this simple yet juicy pork burger with fries and my Dad ordered the Beef Burger. My pork burger was so delicious

Here's a photos of that juicy meat of the pork burger.

I and my family enjoyed our meal here. It a good place to find pork burger in Penampang area.

Restaurant Information

Damn Good Burger
89500 Dongongan, Sabah, Malaysia

Nice Juicy Burger
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Nice burger!

I tried here also, and very scrumptious burger. Yum!

Nice! Now I am craving for burgers early in the morning.